Below you'll find the various commercials, ID's, and PSA's I've worked on - see description for notes on what I did below each item. I've been working in the animation industry for over 20 years - over 8 of those years as an animation director for Primal Screen and Laika House. (All work is copyrighted to their respective owners.)

For storyboard examples of my work, please contact me. 


Dora the Explorer: It's What You Do. Commercial for Geico. I animated Dora and Boots. Animation produced by Primal Screen


NBA Cares. A PSA I co-directed and did art direction, character design and backgrounds for the NBA and NRDC. Produced by Paul Golden for Ffake.


Don't Buy the Tie. PSA for The Mentoring Project. I did character design, backgrounds and various props & elements, including hand lettering. Directed and produced by Laki Karavias


A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children. A short promo for a book on pediatric message therapy published by Blue Miso Books. I designed and animated the little Otis character and all lettering elements that are featured on the chalkboard. Directed and produced by Laki Karavias


Quickdraw McGraw Retromercial. An ID for Cartoon Network's sister network, Boomerang. I directed, did layout and character design. Produced at Primal Screen


Cocoa Puffs: Elevator. Fun commercial featuring Sonny the Cookoo Bird. I directed this spot and did layouts and some animation. Produced at Primal Screen


Cookie Crisp: Wooden Cookie. Combining 2d and stop-motion animation for this cereal spot was both fascinating and challenging, yet totally worth it. I directed this spot as well as did character designs and some animation. Produced at Laika House (now House Special).  


SuperHero. An ID for Animania, a network devoted to HD cartoons and animation. I directed this spot and did character design, backgrounds and some animation - including the electrical transformation scene. Produced at Primal Screen


Trix Yogurt: Shadows. I directed this commercial and also did character design and some animation. Produced at Primal Screen


Scrappy Loses It. I directed this ID for Cartoon Network back in 2000-2001. It was a VERY ambitious spot with tons of Cartoon Network characters. Produced at Primal Screen.


noir. A short film I made back in 2000. I did everything on this.